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Poll: how much do you pay for cable TV/internet?

How much do you pay for cable TV/internet per month?  

  1. 1. How much do you pay for cable TV/internet per month?

    • Less than $80 per month for both
    • Between $80-$100 per month
    • Between $100-$120 per month
    • Between $121-$149 per month
    • Between $150-$200 per month
    • More than $200

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ugghhh we pay $150 per month and that just feels like a killer to me. Our main cable provider out here is Charter and they really don't have any competition and I always feel ripped off every month. We don't even have movie channels, but we do have most every other channel. And DVR, high speed internet.

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oops, I voted wrong, I missed the fact that you were asking about a combo.


We pay $140 for Directv and $53 for high speed internet.


I know it seems like a lot to quite a few, but we're big tech people here.


We love our tv and internet.

My directv includes a home media center that lets us record 5 shows at once and view them on the main unit as well as 3 other televisions in our house all at the same time. Out of the 6 tvs in our house only 1 is not hooked in and that's because I didn't want to put a hole in the landlords hardwood floors to run a cable to that room.

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I didnt vote because theres no "Other" option. :001_smile:


Our TV and Internet is not together. Another reason i didnt vote.

$70/mnth basic cable to pay down back bill and then we are dropping it (Time Warner Cable)

$40/mnth for DSL Internet and Phone. (Cincinnati Bell)

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No cable tv. No time and no interest.


And we use the internet on our small and heavily discounted data plan or at the library or coffee shop. Working from home meant internet at home seriously fed my raging workaholism. So I plug in the laptop at a hotspot intentionally in the AM and then only do quick questions via phone during the day. I get way more done without it and the kids don't miss it- we just take them the library regularly.


Thinking of adding Internet at home again for an online class but only if I can be trusted not to fall off the wagon and overwork myself! If we do, we are lucky enough to qualify for a friends and family discount for it through a close relative. It will be less than $30 a month for cable Internet.

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