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Thinking of changing bathroom cabinet color

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I have white RTF cabinets in the bathrooms. They are scuffed and really need some attention. I've been reading online about how to paint them and it doesn't sound easy. But if I do paint them, I'm wondering if I should paint them a color instead of white. Do you think painted cabinets in the bathroom looks good or bad? Would it be the color that makes the difference? We have plain white tiles on the floor and the countertop is a very light grayish blue laminate, so light it's almost a dark white. Very dated, but we can't replace that just yet. I did think about this a year or so ago and painted some test color on the cabinets. (Yes, they are still there.) but I didn't find a color that looked good. I was looking for a brown, but now I'm thinking about a pale color like a very washed out green. Or should I just repaint them white?

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My mother, who is very good at these things, painted some of her wood cabinets an off-white with a darker glaze on top. They look beautiful.


Personally, I like the idea of a washed green, rather than a brown. We are considering painting cabinets, and while I like brown, I don't want it to look as though we were going for a faux wood look. :)

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I painted our laminate bathroom cabinets following the instructions at this link:




I painted them chocolate brown and with satin nicket hardware and them came out great.


Our walls are pale blue/grey, (Tranquility by BM). I love blue and grey together so go for it! I thinking painting them a color would add some punch to your bathroom. It sounds a little monochromatic as is.

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