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HS help for friend in NY

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I have a friend in NY. The school basically told her it'd be better if she'd homeschool her DD because of problems they've been having with her. She needs to start soon. She knows I hs and wanted info. on materials. I don't know anything about NY laws on homeschooling so I thought'd I'd ask for your help.

She said she needs a 2 year syllabus. Where can I direct her to look for the info she needs? What materials should I recommend for her? They are non-religious and her daughter is in 9th grade. She really doesn't have any confidence that she can do this, but her DD has been in physical jeopardy in the school so staying in the school is not an option.



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i homeschooled in NY and i don't even know what a two year syllabus is! heck i can't even spell it! anyway, i never had any problems with my district and i can tell you that i did the least amount of reporting that i could and they were alway satisfied. depending on where she lives though it might be different. what part of new york is she in?

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