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Is there anywhere to buy men's underwear for less?


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I need some XS men's underwear for my oldest and probably my middle as well.


I was surprised that men's briefs, just basic whitie tidies, were $4 per pair ON SALE!


Is there somewhere online I can order that would be more in the $2-$2.50 range?



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With that size, I would just go back to the boys dept. and buy there. I've found that a boys XL (16-18) is the same as a man's small. I've not heard of a man's extra small size, but for that a boys L will probably work. Generally, boys clothes are much less expensive than mens clothes. I put off the mens dept. for as long as I can. We've just started getting some shirts there & ds was able to skip mens small and go straight to mens medium, so I know I saved a lot of $ by staying in the boys dept. as long as I could.

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