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Kodak Easy Share Touch - HELP!


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My old phone did this, it basically has cracked it's just inside rather than the actual screen surface. My phone did it randomly too. picked it up one day and the screen had failed. My phone screen was easy to replace. Generally the screens on this sort of thing are just plugged in really straightforwardly you just need to remove the back, unplug the screen, plug new screen in and put the back on. See if you can find the screen amongst these or you might find it on ebay. These sorts of screens are very fragile really. It doesn't take much to cause it to break.


YOu also need to check if you have the right screwdrivers for the job. Usually they are tiny cross heads or Torx around T5 or T6.


Does the camera have it's own padded case? If it's just in a backpack on it's own it could have been broken by the corner of a book or a pen or anything hard pressing against it.

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