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Ellen McHenry Digital Downloads


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I'm looking at purchasing several books from Ellen McHenry. I would like to buy the digital downloads...in order to buy more...:D


Has anyone ever purchased her digital downloads? If so, would you share with me how this worked? (I couldn't find this info. on her site...but I could have missed it.)


I'm looking at these:


The Elements

Carbon Chemistry

Mapping the World with Art


For the latter book, would it be okay to buy a digital download...or would a book be better?



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I downloaded Mapping the World through Art, I didn't have any problem downloading (I do from some sights like currclick). I printed it out and it is nice. There are a lot of pages but you wouldn't have to print it all at one time, you could print just the part you wanted to use at the time. She says on her website that the download version has more color. I would download from her again.

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Question.... can you download to more then 1 computer, or put it on USB and save on another computer? I have a desktop and the kids have laptops. I would like to save on printing but am unwilling to let them on my computer.


I believe so. I downloaded it on my desktop and put it on my iPad. I can't imagine that it wouldn't work with an actual computer as well.

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