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WWE vs IEW's PAL Writing


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I wrote here about my 6yo son's balking at the idea of doing 4 sentences of copywork. I'm thinking about switching over to using either Writing with Ease or IEW's PAL Writing. Knowing that I currently plan to use the IEW program with him when he's more prepared for the higher amount of writing, which is a better choice now, for 1st grade? He also uses AAS but I don't plan to add any other language arts options this year other than possibly the 1st grade HWoT book.

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IEW Pal-


I would not recommend it with that description, here's why:


It is broken down into 3 sections.


The first is letter formation, he is past that.


The second is copywork, much like WWE, only the sentences are not quality, or from anything. There are about 6 per worksheet.


The third section covers some of the units from the TWSS, but without all the support from the TWSS. I want to say there are only 18 lessons in this section.


None of the sections are a full year study. You would be better off investing that money into TWSS instead of purchasing PAL and using it to help teach you (if you already know that is where you are headed). Start with unit 1 and move slowly.

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For a 6yo first grader, I would definitely use WWE. WWE will lead him through mental composition and gradually *over 4 years* learn to transfer the mental composition to paper. WWE starts with 2 sentences of copywork per week. That's about how much my kids could handle at that age.


I can't imagine trying to do key-word outlines and rewriting paragraphs with a kid that young, particularly a kid who doesn't like to write in quantity.


My 8yo is using WWE this year, and my 6yo is working his way up to copywork. My 10yo is using IEW. She might have been ready for it last year, but she is flourishing with it this year. I plan on taking my 8yo through WWE4 before moving him to IEW for 5th grade and then to WWS in either 6th or 7th.

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We are actually using both together and I think they compliment each other very well. My dd6 has yet to complain about the writing with PAL (we are in part 3 and writing about a paragraph a day), but if she did complain I would have her scribe and I would write for her. That is what the creator of PAL suggests anyway for kids that are writing phobic. I think it is a fantastic and gentle intro to IEW. The lessons in parts 1 & 2 can be done in a day but each lesson in part 3 takes a week to complete. I also love the narration/dictation of WWE and have seen great improvements in these areas in the month or so since we started WWE. Both of these programs are quick little spurts of writing lessons and it takes us no more than 20-30 minutes to do them both. If you are already using dictation in AAS you could probably ease up on the dictation in WWE if you wanted to cut out some of the writing.

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