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Dealing with a sick pet (possible death)?

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Can you all give me tips? Our 12 1/2 year old beagle is very sick. We'll know what's going on tomorrow but I don't think it's going to be good. The vet suspects cancer among other things. I'm most worried about our 11 and 8yo kiddos. They've known him their whole lives and I need help with how to help them deal with this well. If we get the call tomorrow and it's not good news we need to start making decisions. How do we involve them? How much do we let them know? Lots of things going through my mind right now. Thanks for any advice.

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Put your poor dog down ASAP

if it's cancer.


Tell your poor kiddos that he was

very sick and you had to euthanize him so he wouldn't suffer.


It's very sad...I'm so sorry.


I wouldn't have them there for the death. I have done it and it is

absolutely miserable. It's hard enough being there yourself.


I do think one of you should be there. Don't just send your dog in back with the vets. Hold him, pet his head, and tell him he's a good dog the whole time it's happening. You'll be glad you did.


My heart goes out to you. We just lost our mastiff in July and it was

the saddest thing ever.

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We've been through this quite a few times. I've found that the kids tend to take it better than the adults, at least with our kids. We are just very honest about it all. Give them room to express their emotions. Let them ask questions. Also I think letting them be involved, even just being in the room while decisions are made, is important.


For after, we've done a couple different things from writing letters to "funeral" services. I just try and let my kids process it at their speed and in their way.


I'm very sorry about your dog. :grouphug:

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We had to put our Basset, Harvey down. He died over a year ago. We went in the middle of the night while the kids were at my moms. We didnt tell them until the next day. (we took him to a 24hr vet because he turned very sick very quickly). Dh went back there when they did it- i couldnt. We buried him in parents back yard. The kids werent there for that. They talk about him and miss him, but i felt better they werent there for the details part of it. KWIM? They are also younger than your children though.


BUT Now if i had to do it again? Id give the dog a cheese burger on the way. Id take a last pawprint and picture. Id involve the kids more in the memory part.

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Agree. Tell them the truth and let them decide. If they witness a dog being euthanized, it is not traumatic usually. It is very sad and everyone may cry but this is natural. They can hold him and pet him until his eyes close. This is what we did when our mastiff girl died a year ago.

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Thanks for the advice. Our sweet beagle Pete actually ended up passing just before 2am. I am so thankful it happened while the kids were sleeping so DH and I were able to grieve a bit by ourselves before having to tell them. DH wrapped him in a blanket and put him in our outbuilding and we're going to let the kids see him in the morning if they want to. I think we're going to have a little service for him with the kids tomorrow. Please pray for us. We are very tired and it's going to be a rough day. Thanks guys.

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