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Sonlight question


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A friend new to homeschooling asked me this and I just don't know the answer since I've never used Sonlight.


If she has an old IG from 2005, how is it going to differ from what Sonlight sells now. I assumed that the book choices might change some but is there anything significantly different. She has found this old IG that would be much cheaper than buying new.

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Which Core?


I purchased the 2005 Core 3 (D), and the only change between then and 2011 was a poetry book. I looked at the samples, and even the discussion questions were the same. Chores D and E were very stable cores up until this year.


Other cores may have changed quite a bit, but as long as you can get the books for that core, it should be fine.

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I would go with the older, less expensive option. Sonlight changes things here & there, but IMO their older materials are good, too.


I would say this, ALTHOUGH it could depend on which one it is and if there is a follow on core that she may consider doing. If it change significantly then there may be more difficulty in using it first.


but yes the old cores were great and children got a great education with them.


She should be able to check at Sonlight and see what the differences were in the cores.

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