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Toddlers & Diapers & Sizes & Quantities

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What size and brand of (disposable) diaper is your toddler in? How much does he/she weight? How many diapers do you change a day? Have you ever had to change brands because the brand you were using no longer worked/fit/etc?


The reason I'm asking:


My 25-mo old has been in Luvs for nearly a year and they'd always worked great. Just a little over a month ago, it seems, I moved her up from sz 4 to sz 5s because she was starting to have leaks and occasionally wake up soaked.


But we're already having the same problem. She has soaked through the sz 5s several times and it seems like they're always droopier than I remember.


Now, I've got an older kid w/ Type I diabetes so I'm very (extremely, compulsively) aware of Type 1 signs and symptoms, and that, of course, is always on my mind and even more so now.


But she's gaining weight (just had 2 yr checkup) and doesn't seem to be drinking excessively. And I've even checked her fasting bg and it was normal.


So I'm wondering if it could just be normal growth? (My other kids are older -- I just don't remember things like this!) Or the diapers themselves? I'm thinking of switching brands.


She's around 27 lbs or so, btw -- by the box she's at the low end of sz 5s.

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We use Luvs or Target brand during the day, Huggies Overnights at night. Size 6 (aka the huge ones where you get like 12 in a box). I go through 10 regular and 2 overnights a day (for two boys, so 5 regular and 1 overnight per child). I'm not loving the bigger sized Luvs, either. THey seem to occasionally just fall apart at the tabs. Not because they're really wet or anything, but just fall off. Probably the boys are pulling at them, but still. I'm trialing the Walmart ones right now because I can actually get those in a size 6 big box. Most stores only have up to size 5 in the really big boxes (and we can go through a big box in less than a week).


ETA: They weigh approximately 33 and 35lbs. (The 33lber could go in size 5, but I can't deal with two sizes at once. The 35lber carries all his weight in his middle and needs a bigger diaper. They are heavy wetters.)

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We've used Huggies from the beginning and have been happy with them except for the occasional expected infant blowout. DS switched to size 5 (Huggies) at 23 months when he was about 30 lbs. He used about 4-5 per day, plus 1 overnight diaper before bed. He wasn't wetting heavily during the day, but his diapers were falling off in the morning, so we started using overnights at this same time. Once he started consistently using the potty before bed, we switched back to regular non-overnight diapers at night because they weren't getting too full any more.

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