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A popular curriculum asks my student to read 12 medieval lyric poems from the Norton Anthology of Western Literature which I do not have and will not buy. I am astonished that I cannot find ONE of these assigned poems on the internet. I am thinking that poems over 900 years old are probably in the public domain, but I have spent this afternoon trying to find them to no avail.

For example,


"Summer" by Judah (sp varies) Halevi,

"Spring Song" by William IX,

"The Art of Love" by Arnaut Daniel,

"Love and Nobility" and"An Encounter" by Guido Cavalcanti,

"Sonnet" by Dante Alighieri (he only wrote one??),

"Alone in Martyrdom" by Christine de Pizan, and

"A Hymn to St. Maximinus" by Hildegard of Bingen.


I am about to say, "Read any two poems by any two of these writers, and we will call it a day." But I wonder, am I just unlucky today? Does anyone else know where to find medieval poetry online?

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