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I know it has been asked...Scholastic?

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You can also simply create your own account & shipping address (for your homeschool). I did this back years ago when ds was in the lower grades. They will ship the books purchased straight to your front door. HTH





do you remember if you registered as a parent or a school.


I just tried to register as a school (they have a home school designation), but I get an error report when I try to submit my application. :(

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You can order as a home educator - I do it all the time. You do have to call to sign up though - you can't do it online. The number to call is 1-800-724-6527 and ask for the home educator department.


Also, I hope this is okay to post, but they do bonus points when you sign up if you are referred by another teacher. You get 250 bonus points and so does the person referring you. My referral number is 1453202968 if anyone wants to use it.

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