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I am not on FB so why do I get spam that says....

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I would expect that it has nothing to do with the real Facebook and everything to do with scammers trying to get you to click on something. If they send that email out to everybody, it's a decent bet that some of the people they send it to will have FB accounts.


:iagree: I got similar e-mails regarding PayPal. I didn't have PayPal.


It was creepy at first, but when I realized the scammers were 'shooting in the dark', I relaxed.

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Either you have provided your email address to a website that is dodgy, or you have provided your email address to a legit website but it's been hacked, or else a virus/bot/hacker has attacked somebody else who has your email address on their contact list. It's usually nothing to do Facebook, Paypal or whatever - they just copy those companies' logos.

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