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Help with my idea, please?

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I want to use Snapple caps as an idea base, but not too sure exactly how or what i want to do with them.


Today's caps- there are 293 ways to make change for a dollar. A penguin can jump 6 feet.


It would be fun to keep a list of facts, research the fact, watch a video (the penguin one), make posters, and make something out of the caps.


Any more ideas for this? This could be a nice year long project, but i need to keep it fun.

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I think a Snapple Binder would be great - you can keep a running notebook of the facts, research, and photos of related projects. Keep a running tally of the most interesting, and at the end of the year send that one to Mythbusters to see if it's really true :D.


With the caps you could do a few things:


store them in large jars/containers by general topic. Rotate the jars on the kitchen table, and use throughout the day as mini-challenges. Do a blind draw for a lid, phrase the fact in trivia-question form, and see who remembers what.


Or put magnets on the topside of the lids and attach to the fridge. Similarly, if you have a hallway you can inexpensively line either half (top or bottom) with corrugated steel and use the lids as (magnetic) art.


Maybe make one of those bead-like room divider things that hang down. I'd pick their closet so I didn't have to walk through it LOL. They'll stop on a different fact each time, and it'll make a nice jingle-jangle :)


Since we're nearing Christmas, you can use the caps to make gift clocks. 12 lids per clock, one for each hour? And/or as pendants for conversation-starter necklaces (or you can do a resin-fill LOL). And/or tree ornaments.


Maybe frame their bathroom mirror? Maybe a doorway? Maybe a wall in the garage?


Make shadowboxes and use as decor? Even more inexpensively, you could dedicate a wall in one room (hall, laundry, school, wherever) and just keep adding them to the wall as you get them. Like they do with autographed photos in bars, you know? Just fill the ENTIRE wall eventually.


Sounds fun, enjoy it!

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