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Our dog was just attacked by yellow jackets

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She is medium sized shaggy fur. She had several in her fur and there are now a few storming around the house that followed her in when she ran in the house. Any idea what we should do for her? What should we watch for? She seems okay at the moment. She ate a few of them.



I'd call your vet STAT and give benedryl just in case. Good luck!

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Give the Benadryl and make the call. Watch for excessive swelling around the stings or signs of respiratory distress. If you notice continued signs of a reaction even if you think you haven't allowed the Benadryl enough time, drive to the closest vet. We almost lost Dd's 15 month old dog this summer from a reaction to a sting and he almost didn't make it. He could not walk by the time I got him to the vet's office. Our vet is 5 minutes from us, any further and he would have died. The people I was speaking with over the phone did not realize the seriousness of the reaction I was describing to them.

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