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Pre-K - is this enough?

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DD is 4yo and we're doing a year of home pre-K. I pulled her from a preschool program and I'm worrying now that I'm not giving her enough to challenge her.


Each day, we've done:

1 lesson in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

2-3 pages in HWOT pre-k book

2-3 pages in Kumon Numbers 1-30

1-2 pages in Kumon First Book of Cutting


All this is done in under an hour and she'd happily do more workbook pages at a time.


We're reading aloud "By the Banks of Plum Creek" in the evenings with big brother (and just finished Little House on the Prairie,) along with several picture books a day. She watches one or two TV shows a day, usually Magic School Bus, Sid the Science Kid, Leapfrog Letter Factory and Talking Words. There is also unfettered access to art supplies, so she colors and draws a lot.


Once a week she has gymnastics, and we play for an hour on the playground every day. And then she plays toys! Which I know is learning, of course, but I feel like she'd be happy to do more school and I'm not sure if I should push more.


Does this seem like enough for a kid who is very enthusiastic about learning? I don't want to burn her out but I worry that my own pace is slower than she's willing to do and don't want to hold her back.

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I would look into building more play and creative play. So how can you extend out the imaginitive play with the little house stuff you've read? Or whatever things does she have an interest in?


We're struggling a bit with this because we've kinda started pre-k stuff and have our stories and songs and activiites and she really wants something to do like cut and paste or something. So I'm looking at add more art time and messy play but I'm really avoiding making anything more academic feeling just because she is staring at me begging for more to do - she doesn't really mean 'school' it's just 'mom, I am bored and want something to do'. But it's only our first week in. :) I love to encourage learning but I also what a fair amount of organic learning and need to avoid scripting too much of it where possible - but that's just my two cents. :)

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That actually looks like a lot to me! Are you doing 2-3 pages in the HWT PK workbook? You'll burn through it FAST at that pace. You may not mind that, but we are taking it much more slowly and doing most of our days with only the manipulatives. I assume you're reading a bunch of picture books to her, too? She might like something like Five in a Row if she's itching for more school. Very gentle, but excellent material, and great for her age group. We're using it for PK and K here.

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