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What are your fave/'most used' iPhone apps NOW?

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Our Top 10:


Spotify (music)

WPL (Our local library App- LOVE it)

Runkeeper or 10K training

My Fitness Pal


Math Cards (flashcards for DD)

Quick Sleep (sleep music/noise- its a HUGE app, but great options)

Cash vault (track spending- syncs w/ DH's entries as well- very cool!)





But I didn't know Allrecipes has an app. :D I have an 8G iPhone that is filled to the brim...must clear space ;)

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Amazon Mobile (this is a dangerous app!)

Kindle (though it stinks that you can't BUY books from the iphone)

Notes (does that qualify as an app?)

Chuzzle (I am the Chuzzle QUEEN)

Pedometer (I can't remember what it's called)


Sky Map (SO COOL!)

*Where' My Water?

*Pipe Roll


*I consider these physics exercises, so I'll let Indy play them every now and then. When I play, it's to keep my mind sharp. Or so I tell myself.



I had to take my iphone in and drop it off yesterday because it was overheating and they gave me a loaner phone that doesn't DO anything. It's just a phone! :glare:


ETA: I use the translator ALL THE TIME. If I don't know how to ask or say something in German, I just type in it in English, translate it and either try to pronounce it or show them the translation on my phone. Sometimes they'll type the answer into my phone in German and then translate it to English. This is the best app to have in a foreign country!

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