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Little things that made my day today.

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I saw Imp's post about some positive things that have happened for her amidst all of the awful stuff. And I just had to pause and share a few little things that made my day today (the last couple of days have been miserable for me):


1. The kids were doing an awesome job on their work this morning, most of it was done by 11am so we went for a little shopping trip to Costco. As we're walking in, a lady stops me and says "are all of these children yours?". I got all tense expecting some smarta$$ comment, and said yes. she totally surprised me by putting her arm around my shoulder and telling me how wonderful it was that I have such a big family. I managed to squeak out how we are very blessed and she agreed and said May God continue to bless you. I got all teary -but good tears. She has no idea how much that 30 second conversation meant to me.


2. My oldest has been a big pain lately but he was over-the-top helpful today. It is like having a whole new kid.......he is amazing today.


3. I bought white bread (!!) and had PB sandwiches for lunch :001_smile:


4. I found one of my favourite chocolate bars in the very back of the deli drawer when I was rearranging the fridge post-Costco!!!!


5. DD8 offered to be the substitute teacher for DS6 once the baby arrives.

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