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House and mobile home on same property?

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Agree about checking the zoning laws.


It is fairly easy to move a single wide mobile home.


You will need to put in utilities. Electric is fairly easy, but water and sewer require some planning. If you are rural enough you can put in a septic tank.


You also need to put in some type of foundation to rest the home on. It does not have to be fancy, some people just lay a concrete slab or two concrete strips.


If you live in a high wind area you will want to install tie down straps. I think they have a fancier name. :tongue_smilie: These are not difficult to do while setting up the home, they are a little more expensive as a retrofit.


Beyond that, you need some sort of stairs/porch since mobile home doors are not level with the ground and some type of skirting. The skirting can be functional to protect the underside of the home, to keep out varmits and in some cases people use the underside area for storage. Skirting does not have to been the metal panels, it can be slump block or wood or any other material you like. Leave access spaces (doors) for any maintainence to the plumbing etc underneath.


There are lots of options if you want to buy new but if you are willing to look at used mobile homes they can be very inexpensive.

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A few years ago, we checked into having a second residence on our property. We are outside the city limits, but inside the jurisdiction of the nearest city. They do not allow two homes on one property. For us to have a second residence on our property would require splitting the property and $35,000 in fees. That is just permission and paperwork, nothing toward the second residence. You would still have to have another septic and have it inspected, tie the new electric line off of our line and get it inspected, etc.


I do know someone who built two homes side by side, built the car port between the two to connect them, and called it one residence. The inlaws live in half and the son and his family live in the other half.

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Definitely check zoning laws. Our county doesn't allow ANY single wides now, other than ones grandfathered in.


We are doing the opposite right now. Our property has a single wide on it (dh's aunt lives there) and we are building a house on the same property.


Some things we are having to do that would have been the same if we were doing it like you are planning:


1. Obtain a new 911 address for the house. The house and mobile home have to have separate addresses.


2. Have the property perked for additional septic (or obtain a permit for additional sewer hook up if you are in the city) If you are on septic tank, you have to have a new, separate tank installed for the mobile home.


3. Have a separate electrical pole and line ran. Same for water and/or gas lines.


4. If you are not sharing a driveway connection to the road, obtain permit to add a connection.


5. Don't forget to factor in the costs for site work and pad/or block for the home to sit on.

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