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Math In Focus Users ?


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When you use Math In Focus how do you pace the lessons? Do you add review? If you don't add review how is the retention for topics that don't repeat within the year?


I'm finding that we're traveling through each unit very quickly. I'm going through the text and then doing the appropriate section of the workbook each day. That means most units seem to be about a week here as the units seem to be split into 4 chapters/lessons. So we end up with 4 days and a unit test type thing and then on to the next unit. Then I'm not seeing review on the contents in subsequent units (unless, of course, the topics build on each other). We did fractions and then never see it again except for the cumulative review that involves that particular unit.


My kids really like MIF. I like many things about it too. Except for my concern about review I think it may be our best math fit. I'd like to make it work.

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Math In Focus is the US version of My Pals Are Here? I don't use MIF, I use Singapore Primary Mathematics with the enrichment book of My Pals Are Here, for enrichment and for review, if there's the enrichment book also in MIF you can use it, it's good.

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