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need ideas to keep toddler mind occupied


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DD is 20 months old, she has had oral motor skills issues so an OT has been coming out to the house, we were talking about homeschooling and that we wanted to use handwritting without tears with her so the OT said lets see what she does...Played a game with DD to draw lines up, down, left, right, around in a circle and diagonal. DD used the pencil with proper grip for a left handed child and repeated each movement. The OT suggested that we start with the crayon book of HWOT with her but it seems to early age wise to do that with her but at the same time if she enjoys it and we only do it for fun why not?


We lately are pulling our hair out with this little one, she is climbing to find the tools, hiding the necessary allen key under her pillow then during nap time attempting to disassemble her crib. We can not even hide things in drawers from her she will remember where they are (even days later) and get it when she thinks we aren't looking.


She loves us to read to her from picture books with real animals, right now her fascination is with an alligator book with a picture of an alligator on each page. She follows directions in the lego duplo read and build book to build duplo farm animals.


DH and I sometime swear we are dealing with a child closer to three than almost 2. Any ideas to keep her little brain challenged?

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sounds alot like my oldest dd.


give her lots of building toys. Sorting objects is good


My dd never really played with toys. She was always into what ever I was doing. So she "cooked" with me. (stirred a bowl of blocks and then spooned them individually into a muffin tin) I'd engage this child in my activities, letting her help with erverything. When the child is right next to you, they are less likely to be creating havoc in another room!


Show her how to peel the wrapper off a crayon and make images by coloring with the side of the crayon. She can get images of leaves and coins.


If I were you, I would look at the montessori services book. They have lots of fun interesting activities to engage smaller people. I wish I had discovered them and been able to use those ideas with my bigger kids.

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