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The Future of Schools - Brainstorm with me?


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DH and I have been talking about the current and future state of education; specifically as related to the Chicago teacher strike, open courseware, and Khan's theories that any below average student, when taught at their own pace and to a level of mastery (rather than just to pass), can exceed at math (and probably at any subject).


What if an online, challenging and (somewhat) classical education was available to you for your DC?


Lets say it featured classic, out of copyright literature, with built in reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, history, science, (you could maybe even do handwriting if you used an iPad or one of those drawing input devices in lieu of a mouse), logic, etc. All the curriculum was at the child's own pace, they would work until mastery of each concept; there would be a certain amount of rabbit trails built into the system if the student desired to follow them, etc.


Would you use something like that?


What would you want in such a system?


If we wanted to create something like that, how would you raise money for such a thing? Would you rather have a school charge tuition, or would you rather get it for free but have your DC exposed to advertisements? Should both options be available?


We come at homeschooling from an academic perspective; and aren't afraid of traditional literature's more objective cultural aspects (we're completely sure our children can understand the perspective that attitudes change), but would you be concerned about older literature?


Would you want something like creation science included as an option?


What options would you like? Spelling intensive? More science? Specific project-based learning?


How could a project such as that include things like memory work, recitation, etc?

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If you are asking about will people quit using public schools to do something like that I would say no, not unless people were already considering homeschool. You have a large number of people who could not or would not want to give up their jobs to stay home with their kids during a time that they would normally be in public schools. Also you wouldn't likely get it incorporated into the public schools without a major fight from the teachers unions.


Some homeschoolers might use it just like they might use any other curriculum geared towards homeschoolers.

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