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If anyone's kids have a gameboy color or advance...

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My boys just sold their gameboy advance sp and upgraded to a DS lite. However, they MISTAKENLY told me that the Ds lite would play gameboy color games. It doesn't. I would've sold the two gameboy color games with the gameboy advance if I had known that.


Anyway, the two gameboy color games they have are not worth much at all. As in, by the time I paid fees and shipping, we'd make a buck or two, seriously. I'd rather give them away.


So if anyone can use them, pm me. You need a gameboy color or any of the gameboy advances to play them.


They are:


Tony Hawk Pro Skater (no number; it's the orginal one)

Winnie the Pooh Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood


I'd even send them to two different people, if you can only use one. I can just drop them in an envelope with a few stamps I'm sure; they weigh next to nothing. But I really can only send them in the US.

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