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K Phonics & Reading...BJU, Horizons or McRuffy?


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I am trying to find a good fit for my DD who just started K this fall. She knows her letters but not all the sounds, just a few and not consistently.


She is very interested in workbooks. We started 100 Easy Lessons, but she and I both did not enjoy it and she lost interest in learning to read very quickly.


She is currently doing BJU Math K and loves it! She constantly asks if she can do her "farmer math book" (the character is a farmer).


So I was looking for something a little more workbook style to teach her phonics, reading and all that goes with it.


I showed her some samples of BJU, Horizons and Mcruffy. She seems to like the looks of Mcruffy, however, I just can't put my finger on which one I think is best and will work.


So I am wondering if you all can share any pros/cons, likes/dislikes about any of these programs for me? Would either of the 3 be a better fit for her with her very basic skills, would any be too difficult for the same reason?


I think I have looked at most other programs and have it narrowed down to one of these, but if you have another suggestion, I am open to that as well.


Thanks in advance!

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OPGTR is what we use and although its.. hm.. boring? lol She learned her letter sounds asap and started reading sentences insanely fast.


We both groan when its time to crack out the book though. Its not bad its just... repetitive. It works very well though, but there aren't any worksheets so your dd may not like it.

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We also found ETC to be dread-inducing (with too much writing) and that's from a family that ended up choosing (and currently using) R&S Phonics, LOL.


I have not tried BJU but McRuffy was my #2 pick behind R&S, but I had concerns that once you hit Grade 1, the program basically shifted to an all-spelling type program that moved fairly quickly (from what I read). Since I was starting off with a 1st grader that needed phonics instruction, I knew I didn't want that.


What about something simple like CLE's Kindergarten II program? Very inexpensive, workbook-based.... and you can supplement it with whatever fun stuff you want (colorful phonics games, hands-on, etc). The phonics portion covers all letter sounds/names and up through CVC words. It also includes math and other basic K-level thinking skills. The guides are also very parent-friendly and scripted.

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I don't know anything about BJU or Horizons, but my kids really liked McRuffy Phonics. The readers are cute and natural, and my DD really liked the workbook. She generally hates workbooks. ETC drove us batty; I wasn't too unhappy when the baby scribbled all over ETC and pretty much ruined it.


I grew up with A Beka and my niece also used it. That's always another option. I probably could have taught my daughter to read using only the Handbook for Reading from A Beka.



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I haven't used the ones that you mentioned.

We did try OPGTR and ETC which both bored us to tears (literally).


We are now using Sing, Spell, Read, and Write and we LOVE it. It is pricey, but I feel worth it. There is a workbook that gooes with it. The readers are really cute, my son actually laughs out loud while reading some of them. There are games and songs that my son LOVES. Also, I like that it builds in strategies and practice to help fluency. It builds in a nice way that has allowed my son to learn a set of words, really learn them, to the point that he isn't sounding out every word, then read the book for that section with those words in it. At this point he is able to read and comprehend without frustration, so reading is fun for him. We love it.

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