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Homeschool funny..

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Yesterday my 8yo DD had to have an xray. We were completing the outpatient check-in and the woman made a comment about the fact that I had all four of my kids with me. I said that we homeschooled so I generally took them everywhere. She started asking questions that were a bit rude. She asked how long it took them to get their schoolwork done and if they had to take tests, etc. She then wondered aloud if homeschooling was a good education and if it would prepare them for college. I just smiled and nodded and said that this was our 7th year and we really enjoy it but we know it's not for everyone. I said that we worked hard to prepare them for life and they would do well. As we were leaving she looked at my daughter and said, "I hope your foot isn't broke!". My DD turned to me and said, "Did she mean to say that she hopes my foot isn't broken?". After her comments about our "lack of education" that really made me laugh. :D

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