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RS4K Level 1 or Level II Users

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I'm a little confused about their grade levels. Supposedly, Level 1 was written for grades 4-6, but now I see they have renamed their program to Focus On and say it is for grades 5-8. Did the content change?


I am interested in using the Physics and Chemistry for my ds12, but I don't want something too easy. I also don't see any samples on their website, which I could swear used to be there. :glare:


Would this work for my 7th grader? I am also considering Rainbow Science Year 1(even though it's non secular). It seems to be age appropriate.


One last question: if I use RS4K and buy the supply kit from HomeScience Tools, does it really have everything you need? Or is there more to buy? This is important to me as I can't always get supplies, even simple ones.

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Well, I used what used to be called Level 1 Chemistry, that was listed for 4-6 grade, with my 3rd grader afterschooling. It was great for that purpose. But it's only 10 chapters, so far from a full year program.


I definitely wouldn't use it with a 7th grader, though. It was great for about 3-5th grade, IMO.

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