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Colonial Williamsburg EFTs ?

Elisabeth in IL

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I did the free trial and really liked it.


I wish they had an offer on HSBC for one or two instead of the whole bundle.


I did not see a way to preview the different EFTs, and would be interested in the content of the one on slavery.


I am not at all interested in the one based on American Idol.


If you are studying it this year, and are comfortable with the above, I would do it, as the one I saw was very well done IMO.


I plan to wait to see if there are any other offers that are not the entire bundle.

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You can't preview them as they are LIVE not recorded. The site says that if you miss the LIVE time frame they will be recorded so that you can see them when you are available. I like that flexibility! I think that I'm going to sign up for them but I hope that they come down to the $55 price. Even if we don't watch one or two of them, it would be the cheepest field trip per person for me and the 3 boys.


I like the idea but has anyone actually seen the LIVE field trips? Any computer gliches that I would need to be aware of?

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Here is a link to the thread about the Colonial EFTs.




Post #7 by heliconian gives feedback about the entire series.


The Will of the People is the one that we signed up to see for free through HSBC. I don't know how it works and what they call "LIVE," but the one we watched last week is the same one they have as a video preview on their site, except that we were able to view it in its entirety via a password they e-mailed us. HSBC offered the entire EFT free on their freebie page just for signing up for it.


From what heliconian had to say, the whole series sounds good. We plan to do it next year.

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