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If someone offered you....

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A gift that you normally would not purchase for yourself, what would you ask for? I'm guessing the monetary value could be in the thousands, but Im not exactly sure. I am having a very hard time just *thinking* of ideas. I know there are things I want/need, but when put on the spot, my mind is just blank. After all, how often do we actually think of such scenarios? :001_smile:


Can you all give me some fun, general ideas?? The only really cool thing that I thought of was a MacBook or something like that!! I think that would be sooooo cool!!


Thanks for your input!:001_smile:

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A personal chef to cook gluten free, shellfish free, and without garlic for my family for a week and to give me lessons. I have been cooking for my dh for years and am tired of the same old things that we eat.


An interior decorator to help decorate the inside of our house with things that we already have.


A landscape designer for around the screened in pool.


If it wasn't for fun I would try to invest it in something like metals.

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I'd ask for my kitchen to be renovated - it's horrible, and we've been waiting for years to have enough extra money to do it.


And while I'm daydreaming - I'd have all the carpeting replaced, the bathrooms updated, new living room furniture, a 4th bedroom added on, and the whole house repainted.


Our house is sad - we bought it 9 years ago knowing we'd have to do a lot of work and we've been putting it off ever since. I feel some days like the whole thing is going to come crumbling down around us.

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I would love to hire someone to fix the holes in dd5s bedroom and repaint it. I dread doing it myself because I know she is just going to turn around an do it again.



I would also love to hire someone to fix our fence and to add a gate. The neighbors dog keeps pooping in my back yard and I can't figure out which dog it is to talk to the owners. It is the side of my house with no windows so I can't see the dog when it does it.

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I can think of lots of things to suggest for myself.


really good digital camera

really good camcorder


every cd on my wishlist (there are hundreds)

gym membership

family vacation

cruise trip

spa weekend

new wardrobe

pay off the car/DS18's college

buy DS18 a car

paint the inside of the house

replacing flooring inside the house

install raised garden beds

replace appliances

install dishwasher

replace light fixtures

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Well, it wasn't thousands of dollars, but someone gave me a Dyson Ball vacuum and an Edenpure (infrared heater) last year and they have both made me very, very happy over the past year!


What would I ask for right now?

I still have 2 student loans to pay off (one larger, one small.) I would definitely accept any donations toward those! Another great idea is a yearly family membership package to local attractions (zoo, children's museum, etc.)

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A full-time, live-in chauffeur so I would never have to drive again.


Of course, if he were live-in we would need a house with some land so that we would have servants quarters. :tongue_smilie:


Pay for me to go to college to become a Vet Tech.


Pay for DS's college.


Buy the house down the street from the "Addams Family," tear it down and build a neighborhood playground and pool in its place. These people are absolutely awful excuses for human beings.


Have our driveway re-poured and paved. We've lived here 14 yrs. and have never replaced the paving. It's time. :001_huh:


A series of vacations to please each of us.

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any of these would do -

food storage

a new wardrobe for the whole year

my closet fixed (a wall is coming down-ish)

the main floor main closet redone (it has wallpaper from some tacky era before my birth)

new flooring in the living/dining rooms (termite damaged)

landscaping all yards

gym membership/personal trainer


Now, if we were talking tens of thousands of dollars...

a new Prius (we're a one car family and it SUCKS)

a house somewhere out west, ideally Utah in a medium sized town.

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