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Please let me show off a little! I am excited!

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Good job working on your room! I'm thinking you could embrace the pink a bit more. You have girls? You could move the piano out of there or to the side, then take their desks and create these bowers or tents around them with pink gauzy fabric. Have you seen those fairy bower tents in the Magic Cabin catalog? You can staple the fabric up or hang from a hook or whatever. My dd loved, loved, loved tents when she was little. She's almost 5'8" now, so little is compared to that. :D


Anyways, hmm, what else? You might like a cozy spot to read. Do you have an old chair or couch you could bring in or some beanbags? If you're not actually singing and using the piano there, I'd remove it. That window is nice, so I'd probably clear the way in front of it and put down some throw carpet squares or throw pillows to encourage working there. You could hang a swing from the ceiling (SkyChair or the $35 knockoff on amazon) to add to the fun, fairy ambiance.


Their notes to you are SO sweet! You definitely want to keep those. :) You might like to get a bulletin board or make one from some cork. Staples had cork squares on sale a month ago $5 for a pack. You might find a bulletin board on clearance with the back to school supplies, never know.


When my dd was that age, I used an adjustable height table. They sell folding tables that way. Anyways, a table surface would be a nice investment for you, because it would grow with your girls and allow you to put some of that storage that's out underneath. Then you could make a skirt for it and hide it if you wanted. (back to the fairy thing, hehe)


Glad you're having fun in your space! Every year we've done our room differently. It's fun to rearrange and try new things as our kids' needs change. :)

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