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My Aspie's oral surgery update

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Ds16 has been doing great. As soon as he was in the chair, they gave him nitrous oxide to help him relax. By the time they put the IV in, he didn't feel a thing. He said he liked that he felt disconnected from what was happening. He was put to sleep for the procedure where they extracted 6 teeth (4 wisdom, 2 baby eye teeth) and exposed the two permanent eye teeth in the roof of the mouth and bracketed them. When he came home, we changed the gauze in his mouth every hour for about 5 hours and then he stopped bleeding. He had Percoet and 600mg Ibuprofen so he wasn't in any discomfort. We also iced his face every other 30 minutes during that 5 hours.


When he woke up the next day, his face was slightly swollen but he had no pain at all. By lunch, he ate two soft waffles which surprised me. I thought for sure he would be on very soft, no-chewing, type food for at least 2 days. We've been giving him the Ibuprofen for the swelling but he still hasn't felt any pain.


He goes back for a follow-up next Tuesday, one week after surgery. The doctor told me we would discuss the possibility of dry socket at that time, but he has been following her exact instructions so far. Instead of using salt water, he has a medicated mouthwash that he uses 3 times a day. I was very anxious he would be in pain, and now I'm anxious about the possibility of dry socket. I know someone on this board had that happen and it sounded awful. So here's to his continued easy breezy recovery. I worried about him having so much done at once, but it is nice that it's over and he doesn't have to go back and have anymore done. Now his braces will do the rest of the work, but he'll have them on another 18 months at least.

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