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I am at a loss about my 7 year old son. I am going to include as many of the details as I can in the hope that this makes sense to someone, because we see a different Dr.each time we go in and this is not helping.

He is off the chart in height. He is over the 100% for a 10 year old in height(he is 7). He has always been tall, his father is 6'4,his brothers are all tall. He is taller than any of them were at his age by a lot. He is in the 45% for weight, which is down %30 in the past year. He eats non stop. I have teens, I have big kids who eat a lot...this is extreme. He is always hungry. He has dairy/soy allergies and is limited to mainly fruits,veggies,meat, my homemade breads,a few brands of chips, and one brand of graham cracker.He eats one bunch of bananas a day, a bag of apples, three or more oranges, an avacado, half a loaf of bread, adult serving of meat, as many crackers as I will give him(usually three a day), half a bag of chips. He will eat three plates of pasta. His ribs and clavicles are showing.

A couple months ago he woke up confused, had wet the bed(never had before), was semi hysterical saying his belly hurt. I took him to urgent care the next morning thinking he had a UTI. His culture came back clear but the Dr asked how his diabetes was when she came in the room. I looked quizical, she said hi protein in his urine was through the roof. I had his regular dr test his blood and she said it was fine. I had a couple at church do a fasting finger prick and it was 100(good). He holds his arms in to his stomach like his bones hurt. He falls asleep randomly and anywhere. He occasionally sleepwalks and while he hasn't wet the bed again he doesn't always make it to the toilet.

It seems so much like diabetes,right? Am I missing something else? They tested his thyroid and never said anything about it(they called to give me his allergy test results done at the same time). I am very worried about him. The bleeding rashes from his allergies are still popping up,despite elimanating and avoiding cross contamination. I just want him to feel better! Thank you for any help.

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Kidney disease from diabetes is not the only cause of high protein in the urine. You need to get a referral to a nephrologist.


:iagree: :iagree:There are various causes. High protein in urine is not to be trifled with.


First, they might do a 24-hour urine test. (BTDT; both myself and my daughter have had orthostatic protein in the urine.)

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Get to see the specialists first.


In the mean time, I would cut all grains from his diet and up his protein intake (this is not related to protein in the urine). One serving of meat a day isn't enough, imo. Give him eggs, legumes and/or meat 3-4 times a day.

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I agree on the specialists listed. Endocrinology seems like an important start and nephrology to check those kidneys as others have mentioned. That said, I'd look into ped. gastro too if he hasn't been seen. EOS disease for example (his allergies make that more possible in my mind) or celiac could cause the weight issues and pain. A sleep study perhaps given he falls asleep everywhere and seems to have disturbed sleep.


Calorie wise what is actual his intake? Have you tracked? Because I'm not seeing much for fat calories in that list of foods outside of avocado?


edited to add: you can (should imo) request copies of his labs. Sometimes things are missed. I learned with my son to keep pushing for answers, check everything myself, and do my own research.

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Make it a point to request specific doctors or a specific doctor when making an appointment about this. My dd has had health issues and while I like every doctor in the practice, seeing the same doctor repeatedly about the same issue often helps. It forces them to see any progress or lack of response to the previous care. I would chose the one you work best with or feel is the most responsive to your concerns and only accept an appointment with that person. You may also have to specifically ask for an extra long appt for the first visit so you don't feel rushed.


If you haven't been given test results, then specifically ask for them. You will want copies anyway when you go to a specialist. I would also go to urgent care and ask for copies of those records. You need to show those to the doctor you see. And don't agree to let them be sent. They may never end up with the right doctor at the right time. I learned to take the copies and hand them to the doctor in person.

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