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Anyone else have a child emotionally invested in curriculum?

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Ds7 literally sobbed when his free trial to VP's self-paced history class ran out. For days. He still gets upset that he can't finish the class (he completed 42 lessons with a 95 average). I wish we could pay for it, but we can't. He said he hopes his grandparents pay for it for him as a birthday present. They have offered to pay half, but we can't pay the other half.

This morning I told him that he was almost done with his map skills workbook. I made it sound exciting - he is finishing his first book of the year! He started crying and yelled "No! That's not exciting! I love that book. I want you to get another one." I've heard of emotional intensity in gifted children, but....this has me confused. How do I react to this?

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I think you have learned valuable information about your dc that will help you in the future. Now you can approach him understanding that he isn't excited to finish a book and know that he doesn't like to sample half of something. Yes, it's hard that he is disappointed now, but it will help you make better decisions for him and talk to him more effectively in the future. And that's a good thing! :)

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My son gets excited when we are about to finish a book. He starts tapping the cover, asking if he can have it when we are finished.

When we are finished with a book, he will run off with it and disappear for hours/days re-reading the book. He will even take the teacher's manuals and read through them, "re-doing" the program in his mind.

Sometimes I just give up on a book and hand it over to him to finish on his own.

He would be a great unschooler, but I don't want to go that route.

But... I can never re-sell anything or give anything away! :glare:


Edited to add: I have never used an on-line program with him, mainly for that reason. He would be devastated when it was over.

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