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Strange question for any hair stylists on the board...


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I am attempting to purchase a human ethnic Afro mannequin head for my soon to turn 11 year old daughter. I went to the local cosmetology school and they told me to google ethnic human mannequin head, which I did.

I came up with a few on Amazon but the reviews were horrible and these are pricey.


Our dd is adopted from Liberia and quite adept at braiding and doing hair. She would really like to flat iron the hair, cornrow, possibly add extensions etc.


Can anyone recommend a high quality human hair ethnic mannequin head?


I know it's a long shot but none of my IRL hairstylist friends have any information for me and I am not having success researching online.


Also, what else do I need to purchase? some come with a holder/clamp to attach to a table. I am assuming if it does not say 'included' that I need to invest in one of those too?


Thanks for any insight out there...I hope I get some info as my dd has been asking for months for this. Also, we have a new friend from Ghana who is temporarily in the area who would like to help our dd learn to do this :) I want to take advantage of her expertise while she is here!!

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