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Is the HoE app just as good as the real thing?


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If the app provides all the verbal problems, then yes. Otherwise, no. We tried the lite version, but I haven't had the chance to call the company to ask what I will be getting with a paid version. I highly doubt for a few dollars, all the word problems will be on the app. But Breaking the Barrier, Spanish, app surprised me as a full textbook, so you never know.


ETA: If you understand how HoE is taught via the apps, then I would just get the verbal problems book. You can make your own manipulatives.

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The apps have the exact same problems as in the lesson books and worksheets that you get for $35 hardcopy. With the apps you can buy each level separately, but with the physical kit you buy all three levels at once. The apps also have videos for the lessons.


As far as I can tell, the apps do not have a separate answer key. The apps tell you if your answer is right or wrong, but don't tell you the right answer if you can't figure it out. The apps don't have any word problems.


If I didn't already have the physical kit, I'd go with the app instead. The app is cheaper than the physical system, and it includes the videos.

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