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Anyone have p/t work hours during day & kids are home alone?

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Right now I'm working just 5 hours a week from 3pm on one evening. There's a possibility I could work at another place Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings. My kids ages are gr. 10 down to gr. 2. I'm just not sure if a) leaving the kids home alone during a school day is a good idea (from the eyes of the educational system, child protective services...I know 15yo dd can handle things, but should she?) and b) if I have enough time to get all our school work done since Wednesday afternoons are also piano, so really the whole afternoon is a write-off.


Does anyone do this? Thoughts?

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I talked to dh about it and we both feel uneasy with the possibility of something going wrong and child services questioning why I'm not there when I'm to be schooling them.


Thanks for your replies! I appreciate the confidence! The eldest certainly could have handled it. She's amazing!

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