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Sonlight core 100...dd not liking Hakim...need suggestions

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Hi all, we are a couple weeks into Sonlight's Core 100 and dd is really not liking the Hakim books (which was one of my concerns). She is willing to continue on with them if there is no other option, but I don't want her to stop liking history just because of these books. She really enjoyed the Notgrass World History books she used last year in MFW WHL...So, does anyone have any suggestions for me? Is there something (preferably inexpensive since our budget is VERY tight) that I can substitute for the Hakim books? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :001_smile:

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One frequently used text in brick and mortar high schools is American Pageant. I have found a couple copies at used book stores.


It has quite a conversational tone, but I'm still reviewing it to decide if I think it's too conversational and over the edge into drawing too many conclusions for the student.


I think that Story of the World is a great set, but probably not the challenge level that most high schoolers are striving for.

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See if your public library has any American History text books you can look at. Ours has all the textbooks used in the local school districts. She might be able to find one she prefers. Hakim is a love it or hate it kind of thing. It is very chatty. We loved its story telling chattiness, but your dd is far from alone at being annoyed by it.


Really, you can line up any American History textbook to Core 100 easily. Just find one she likes and buy a cheap used copy. If this is going to be her only year of American History in high school, you might consider a college/AP level text. We're using America A Narrative History, but since we liked Hakim, we might not be the best to recommend for you. Hippocampus has a good selection of texts correlated to their American History. The list can be found here.

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Thanks for the ideas...I had thought of Notgrass before (since she enjoyed their World History books last year), but they don't seem to come cheap...I will have to wait until I can build up some more $$ before that would be an option.

I hadn't thought about the library. I will check and see what I can find the next time we are there.


Pammy, what Sonlight forum is that link on? Is it one of the free access ones (I don't have access to any of the others)?


Thanks again for the suggestions...keep them coming if you think of anything else. :001_smile:

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