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I am SO psyched now!!!


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We had our first National Mythology Exam group/club today. It was wonderful-a dozen kids all prepared presentations on their various olympians, which ranged from basically the characters giving monologues in costume about how they're misunderstood (Hades) to powerpoint presentations to posters to detailed lectures that probably would still be happening if I hadn't stopped them. They created a family tree and discovered a lot of connection (You're my Step-Goddess!!). Afterwards, they ended up sort of organically splitting into various groups, with all the kids seeming to connect with SOMEONE. They had a blast-even though at times that blast looked like a bunch of dressed up kids with toy weapons running around my backyard, yelling things like "Ares, you're supposed to be the God of War-get back here and fight!" (from a 9 yr old Aphrodite who was, at the time, wielding Posiedon's trident). I have to wonder what the PS teachers at the school across the street thought of this!


My DD was/is thrilled-and went to gymnastics and tried a front tuck on the tumble track, something she'd been scared to do since she did a face plant trying one about 6 months ago!


It was also great in that basically all the parents there were moms of gifted/academically inclined kids, so the MOMS were sharing resources and ideas which sometimes get lost in our local HS group, which, while it's a great group of people, tends to the Unschooling/relaxed homeschooling side.


All in all, I'd say "If you build it, they will come" worked!!

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I'm impressed at the response. When I proposed this, I was really hoping to maybe find a SINGLE friend for my DD who shared a common interest with her. I hadn't counted on the response-or the similarity of stories. We have one mom who is driving 2 hours to bring her son to this group because she's had such a hard time finding a social outlet for him-that was 9 yr old Hades, who obviously has a flair for the dramatic :). Aphrodite, who is often in the shadow of her 12 yr old sister (both girls are gifted, but Aphrodite is 2e and struggles immensely with reading, so her experience in PS and in most homeschool classes isn't the same as her sister's, by far) was definitely in her element, and Athena (my DD), was so comfortable standing up saying "I'm Athena because she's the Goddess of Wisdom, and I'm really smart!"-and having others nod and agree with her (when usually she feels uncomfortable being smart in groups). It was just amazing to see-and amazing to watch the moms, who all had that wary "Uh...how is my kid going to do, is he going to say something that makes everyone look at him funny again? Please, don't let them laugh at him" look coming in relax as the kids relaxed and discovered each other.


It was truly amazing. And I can't wait to have the kids next time!

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