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Paper organization

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There is so much paper this time of year. Reading logs for each kid, long term home work, short term homework, dh's incoming mail and paper he is going to file someday. What are your best tips for staying on top of the paper and due dates?


I made pretty new files in the home office, but it's too far away from where life happens. I'd love those hanging wooden wall files from Pottery Barn, but $100 seems a little spendy and I haven't found a knock off.



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I use the Ikea Dokument Letter tray for incoming mail, outgoing mail and things to be filed. That way we will not forget to post our letters.


For my boys, I use the Ikea Flyt magazine file ($1.99 for 5). They get to decorate their own magazine files. I use one for pending homework, one for completed homework and one for stuff like reading logs.


For due dates, I use those $1 magnetic white board that I stick onto my refrigerator door. I have one for writing bills, dental, doctor appointments and one for kids school related due dates.

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I keep things simple for homework: If it's due this week, it gets done the day it's assigned. If it's due next week or later, it gets done in one sitting on Sunday afternoon. These assignments get a sticky-note with the due date, then put in the "Sunday Homework" drawer. All completed homework goes directly in their bookbags. We each have a desk in our home office, and all homework and "afterschooling" work is done there.

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