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Teaching Students to Read Nonfiction


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I recently reread my 3rd edition The Well Trained Mind and the Scholastics Teaching Students to Read Nonfiction was recommended.


I can see why it is recommended. I am currently using it. All the lessons are all well laid out and most of it is scripted. Yeah for brainless pregnant mommy here who doesn't want to reinvent the wheel. I am even using the transparencies since they are in color (without the projector). I just put it on the table while we look at it (white paper under it to make it stand out even more.)


My kids are loving the lessons and are really learning the skills/tools to reading the different kinds of nonfiction. One of the things I have my kids do while reading the artlce after figuring out the text structure is to raise their hands every time they read a clue/signal word. It is truly teaching them to read more carefullly and to work on truly understanding what on earth they are reading. In addition it gives great ideas to learn the vocabulary necessary to understand an article.


I wish I used this last year with them but better later than never. I believe they are seeing the differences in reading non-ficture with the text features and text structures compared to reading fiction better now than before.


Now I am off to figure out how I can further extend the bookmarks for the reading tool kit other than have the kids cut them out and place them in an envelope. Any ideas anyone? Glue them in a few of our nonfiction books for them to refer to? Make a poster out of them? Laminate them?


I am excited for them to pursue the writing applications (basically summarizing the article read) at the end of each unit.


Any others used this resource and what are your opinions?

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