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Kidney Stones - WWYD?


Kidney stones - WWYD?  

  1. 1. Kidney stones - WWYD?

    • Wait, and do nothing since I'm not having problems
    • Remove the 8mm stone
    • Remove the 10mm stone
    • Take care of both of them since it will save $ in the long run
    • Obligatory other :)

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Recently, I learned that I have a stone in each kidney. One is 8mm, and the other is 10mm. The first one has a 20% chance of moving, whereas the latter is "not going anywhere". I do no have any pain or issues; I didn't even know they were there until a pelvic ultrasound for another unrelated issue was done.


Our health insurance has a deductable that we met already this year do to another procedure I had to have done.


Should I just go ahead and get the stones blasted/removed and pay the 20% or wait until they give me an issue? A friend of mine just had hers lasered because she ended up in the ER, and it cost $7K. Having this procedure would nearly wipe out our savings, but dh said we might as well tackle it instead of having to meet the deductable & pay the 20% next year if they cause issues then.



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How do you feel about natural remedies? Just today a customer asked me this same question.

Here is what I told them. Take one dropper of hydrangea root, two tb of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon of olive oil three times a day. Doctor Christopher's kidney formula three capsules three times a day. Drink plenty of apple juice and distilled water. Stop taking calcium supplements, soda, and ice cream.

I know a person who had a kidney stone that used this remedy and it passed within three hours. hth

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I would wait. My oldest dd gets kidney stones, and we have an ultrasound showing 8 stones in the kidneys besides the one that was stuck in a ureter. The drs were completely unconcerned about the ones in the kidneys and said that if we did routine ultrasounds, we'd find that most people have kidney stones. They're not an issue until they move and get stuck, but most of them will never get stuck. Most will either stay in the kidneys or break into smaller pieces before moving out of the kidneys. I'd be surprised if insurance will pay for removal of a stone that is not causing problems.


Meanwhile, I'd drink tons of water and abstain from tea, soda, and caffeine to break those stones up and prevent new ones.

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