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How would I know...


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...if we're going the right pace? At the correct skill level? In particular, math. We used Saxon 1 not quite half-way before breaking for summer. (That was actually our kindergarten year.) We have since dropped Saxon & are using Singapore Primary Math 1A (and dabbling in Miquon). It all seems quite easy for her so far, but she's not bored. In fact, she really enjoys math. So, should I just keep going at the pace recommended in the HIG? Working through 1A & 1B this year, even if it is a little easy for her? It's hard for me skip/skim through anything since this is my first time teaching math. I don't want to mess up!! And I'm just using really simple MEP Reception for her sister (kindergarten) and some Miquon. My greatest fear is that they'll get behind if I'm not challenging them.... but it's a challenge (for me) to just start up home schooling.

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It sounds like you're doing fine. If she were complaining, then I'd look into it more, but if she's having fun I don't see the problem - especially since she's only six years old. I understand about not wanting to skip anything with your oldest, though! My poor oldest dd has had to do a lot more work than her sisters will have to do!


One thing I do is to not go by a schedule (like in the HIG). We just work until it seems like she's had enough for the day (or just before that!) and then put it away. Sometimes I don't even require the whole lesson to be finished. I do try to have her complete a full wb page, though, usually, instead of stopping in the middle.


The programs you've chosen are wonderful conceptual programs. I don't think you'll get "behind" using them. Your kids might not be doing exactly the same things as the kids in the local public school at the same time, but they'll still learn what they need to learn (and probably more than the ps kids)!



One last thought: There isn't a right pace or correct skill level. The right pace is the pace that works for your child. In spite of how schools are set up, it's a fact that kids develop and learn at different rates. People accept that willingly enough when kids are toddlers but not when they're elementary aged (probably BECAUSE of how schools are segregated by age). If you're wondering what they teach in Kindergarten or 1st grade, though, just look up the common core standards....

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Singapore 1A is easy for my DS2 right now also, but since he's enjoying it, I'm going at pace (one exercise per day). If he starts to get bored, we'll speed up/skip things he knows already.


My oldest started accelerating in math halfway through his first grade year. It was at that point that boredom was becoming an issue. I can usually tell when he's bored because math takes forever. If it's reasonably challenging, he works faster.


I'm perfectly ok with my 5 year old having an â€easy†subject right now, since he works hard in reading. I won't be surprised if he accelerates more later when he's older.

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I agree with Rosie and boscopup.


Go at a pace that is comfortable for you and your children. Enjoy the programs and understand what you are teaching them and why, especially with SM. It is better to go at a comfortable pace than to accelerate and realize that you need to backtrack and teach concepts over again because you glossed over something you did not realize was important. How your child arrives at the answer is important, not just that the child can come up with the right answer.


With MEP and Miquon, I love all of the "Aha" moments that my kids have when they are given enough time to "chew" on a problem of play with the c-rods.


We also do not follow a schedule. We just do as many pages in a day that we find comfortable and enjoyable. We also don't do each every day. If we have spent extra time on Miquon for the day, we will skip SM and spend more time on it the next day.


We also supplement with LOF elementary, which they love! :001_smile:

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