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finding clothes for "husky" 11yo boy

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I cannot find clothes for him. I don't think I would have any problems finding jeans for him- if he wore them. He can't stand anything around his waist that isn't elastic. He wears mostly athletic-type clothes (basketball shorts...). We also live in Florida. By the time they fit around his waist, they are hanging down to past his knees. That isn't so much the problem except the crotch hangs down so far and he is constantly pulling/adjusting "up" to have fabric between his legs.


He is 11yo, wears around an 18, and is about 58 inches tall. He is short for his age group, but I know he is growing/will grow more. He's becoming more active and I want him to be comfortable so he isn't discouraged.


Any ideas?

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have you tried a mens small?


Teen boys ususally have a longer distance from waist to crotch. Mens styles are often a bit more fitted. I would look into mens mesh running shorts to see if they will fit him.


Or try teen girls/womens sizes. In solid color mesh shorts, you will not be able to tell a difference.



DD5 wears dd13s cloths quite often. She is 75lbs and 48inches tall.


Cut the tags out so he has no idea they are from the womens department.

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