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Does anyone take apple cider vinegar daily?

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my daughter takes it, not daily, but at that time of the month. she says it helps alot but i'm afraid it's going to take the good stuff off her teeth and mess up her stomach. she doesn't take it full force but dilutes it in something and then drinks it.


I told dh I was afraid of what it would do to my teeth. He just laughed it off.

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I put one tsp. of Braggs in my 20oz water bottle each morning with distilled water. Other recommendations are 1-2T in a gallon of water.


You don't want to use the acv you get at WalMart, like Heinz brand. You want raw, unfiltered acv. Be sure to jiggle the bottle a little bit to get the good fermented bits distributed around. Those little strands and bits is the "mother", where all the good bacteria and nutrients are.


It has so many benefits! There's lots of information out there if you do a web search. The only downsides are that you may detox just a bit (acne, heachache, etc.) as the helpful bacteria and nutrients are working to help heal your gut. I will say that doing 1t/daily in 20oz never caused me to notice any detox symptoms.


If I forget to put it in my water, I can tell by the way I feel that day. I have much more energy when I do include it.

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