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Cubed steaks -- what's the best way to cook them?

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Look for Ree's husband's favorite sandwich recipe at The Pioneer Woman. Yummy! It always turns out tender and good.


Thank you!


We just had roast beef sandwiches last night. I was hoping to use a gravy and serve with potatoes and broccoli. I just wasn't sure if this would be a good way to go:




or in the oven.

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Usually I salt and pepper them. Sprinkle a little flour on each side (eliminate that step if GF). Then I give them a good whack with a meat mallet.


With some oil heated in a pan, I brown each side. In the meantime I dice up some onions and put them in the bottom of a crock pot. Place the steaks on top of the onion (along with drippings). Cover everything with tomato sauce (homemade if I have time or jar if I do not). Cook six hours on medium or auto or whatever. Serve with potatoes. Sauce can be used as a gravy.


If your people enjoy mushrooms or peppers, add those. To make the sauce thicker, add a sprinkle of flour in with the sauce before cooking. Because a couple of my children only eat small amounts of meat, I make spaghetti too. I use the sauce (without pieces of meat though traces of meat are in there) on the spaghetti for them.


The meat is fall apart tender.


Another alternative is country fried steak. I salt and pepper both sides, sprinkle with flour, then whack it. After that I coat as usual (whatever your preferred fried chicken coating is).

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So, I browned the steaks in some butter, then put in a crock pot with golden mushroom soup. I sautéed some onions and mushrooms and made a gravy with the soup/drippings. I served with boiled potatoes and steamed broccoli. Husband said it was the best cubed steaks he'd ever had.



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