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Reading things like this make me so glad to be where I am!

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I was reading in another group I'm a part of (all people with kindergartners this year) and I read comments like this that make me so happy to have my girl home with me!!


"_______ is just starting to like school again, but overall if you ask her, she says school is "boring," "not fun," and "we do the same thing everyday." Her preschool was also play based and if she said, "I feel like painting now"..... then she would get to paint. Now she is in real school with routines and rules. She is miserable but it gets better everyday. We are in our second month over here."

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Sounds like a different strokes for different folks thingy...I can't run a household with kids doing what they feel like all day. That would be donuts and chocolate milk for bkfast and then they'd want me to fetch fast food for lunch while they lounge in their pjs. Undoubtedly they'd be on the roof at night dancing in their underwear while I was trying to sleep.



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FWIW, I didn't mean it as a slam on PS or structured environments (we actually run a pretty structured school room here, :)). The person who wrote that is actually one of my best friends. For me, it just struck home, because I spent so many years (older DD was in PS until March of 4th grade) thinking my child being miserable was just the way it "had to be". I spent so much time trying to see things from the school/teacher/principal's perspective and my CHILD was the one who needed my attention (not fixing). It took my 9yr old being suicidal to realize that I DID have other options and things did NOT have to continue this way.


Now, I realize that our situation was unique and probably not the norm, but nevertheless it was still very real to us, and the wounds still quite fresh. To me, this was just a great reminder of how thankful I am to know that I DO have options and a miserable child isn't "just the way it goes". It's easy to get caught up in the drudgery of the day to day and forget how fortunate I am to have this opportunity.


That's all.

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