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admissions info session at local hotel - What can we expect?


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We went to several of these when my son was applying to college.


There will probably be a "sign in" table when you arrive -- make sure your dd fills out any cards, etc. so the school knows that she showed up. Some schools track "student interest" and use it as a factor in admissions decisions.


Usually, if it's an event with a fairly large number of invitees, there will be a video presentation with general information about the school, followed by a period for questions and answers. There may also be several representatives from the school that she could talk to afterward.


Often times, the admissions counselor responsible for reviewing applications from your area will be there. If this person is there, I would suggest having your dd introduce herself to that person and briefly thank them for coming. If she had a few quick positive things ready to say about the school, like "I love the small class sizes" or "I'm excited about the study abroad program", that would be good, too. If you have specific questions about the admissions process for homeschoolers, this would be a good time for you as counselor to ask them.


As for dress -- I'd go with a nice modest outfit -- khakis & a nice blouse, or a sweater/skirt combo, etc. I don't think you need something really formal, but definitely not too casual (jeans, sneakers, short shorts, sweatpants, etc.).




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