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Hands/wrists hurt... Ideas?

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I have always dealt with foot problems and have become quite the expert. Of course now my feet are fine, but my wrists hurt!


They're fine if i'm not doing anything, and i can do most things while compensating, but i noticed it big time when i was trying to hold ds the other day.


If i keep my wrists straight i can lift and put weight on, but i cant do anything with them bent. Its sore to press on the top and bottom but the sides are fine.


For feet, i would wrap to stabilize and let it heal because i know the cause.


I dont know why my hands/wrists hurt. Ideas?

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Do you have hypermobile joints or connective tissue problems? (Fingers that bend backward, flat feet, scoliosis, etc.) If so, it may be that your wrists are hypermobile and have become stressed. Ice and ibuprofen for the pain, rest for the joints, possibly braces at night to keep from bending them in your sleep. It may take a few weeks to recover if you do all that, or months if you keep restraining them. Take care of them now!!!

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I do have mild scoliosis.


I got a thinner bandage and will keep my right wrist wrapped and see how it goes. If it's worse tomorrow, i'll talk to our occupational therapist and see about night splints.


So my night attire now includes; a left foot splint, full face CPAP mask, and soon bilateral wrist splints! Lmao. What fun.

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