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Need Help Choosing SWO Level

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I used SWO when my dd was in first grade, but the words were much too simple (so it became busy work). For second grade spelling, I tried to "boost it a bit" and used a word list and made up my own tests. I'd like to return to SWO because of the ease of prep, but I'm concerned that Level C won't be challenging enough. So, here's the question:


Do I select the level according to her age grade (i.e. keep her in C) or does it make more sense to go according to her reading level (she's tested somewhere between grades 8-12 ~ 2 tests said 8th grade, another said 12th grade)? I'd have no idea where to put her and would appreciate any advice in selecting which level. I want her challenged, but not discouraged.


Thanks in advance for your input.

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Is your child also a gifted speller? I ask because my two oldest were gifted readers but only one a gifted speller.:)


The last 2 levels of SWO are more vocab than spelling and the words are not easy to spell at all. There is also the editing to consider. I thought the editing in each lesson one of the most valuable parts, especially for a good speller.


Perhaps you could start with Level D and see how things go?

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