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(Kind of a brag, but I know you all will understand my delight and assurance that all this hard work we do can pay off)


As some of you may remember, last year, for the first year I decided to have my then 12 yo (7h grade) really dyslexic/ dysgraphic ds participate in our state's testing. Frankly, it is not a great test-- I believe, only around 55% of the students in our state actually pass it (:tongue_smilie:). Regardless, I decided to have ds take it for the experience of standardized testing, which, at his age, are on the fast approaching horizon, and to give him the experience of testing with accommodations.


He was accomodated with a reader/ scribe for the math portions because in the great wisdom of these tests, students must write, not only their numerical answers, but in words and pictures their answers and reasoning (exemplar tests show actual paragraph responses!) For the reading portion, he was accomodated with a scribe-- but did all his own reading. Again, after reading each selection, students are asked to compose a multi-sentence/ paragraph response. And finally for the writing section he was accomodated with a word processor and a reader to read the prompt/ instructions. The writing component consisted of two 5-paragraph essays written to a prompt.




He passed all three!!!!! :lol::lol::lol:


I know the test is not an end-all-be-all, but gosh! What a way to feel validated after all these years of incredibly, incredibly hard work--- the past three especially! It feels good to know that he is preforming at the state's view of standard.


And, for the back story....Even when ds was 10 yo he would write, at a maximum, 3 sentences and usually with tears. I scribed the majority of his math until about mid-4th grade. I would say we finally really started down the track of remediation in 5th grade-- which has been a really intensive amount of work.


I hope this story gives those that are doing the hard work of teaching some hope. I know I clung to stories like these, especially when my ds was younger.

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