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would you take this job?

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So I recently took a new, part time job. I kept the old part time job, and this means I am working two 12 hour and one 8 hour shift a week. My days vary from week to week, making childcare and planning difficult since I usually only get my schedule a few days ahead of time. My husband works two 24 hour shifts and a 8 hour shift a week. We can sleep at work and just get up when we are called out.


My husband's company has just offered me a full time position. I would work two 24 hour shifts a week, the same days every week. DH and I would work the same shift once a week, the other shift would be his day off. We would alternate Grandma's every week for childcare. Financially this job would be a huge help right now.


My only concern is that I would be away from the kids more hours a week. However instead of being away 32 hours a week during the day, it would be 24 hours when they are awake and 24 hours while sleeping, plus two days a week instead of three. I would also Mae about $30k extra a year which is a huge sum to us, it would enable DH to be home more instead of picking up extra OT each week...but I keep coming back to the time away from the kids when they are only two and three months old.


Oh...and I would LOVE working there; it is a much better work environment than what I am prsently in.

What sayeth the hive?

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If you're going to be working anyway, I would totally take the full time job. Guaranteed days, instead of varying + more money + better working environment. I don't really see a downside, other than being away from the kids, but you are anyway with your part time jobs, no? And you don't know when you're working right now so it's more stressful to arrange childcare.

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Sounds like a better option as far as hours and timing. The current jobs are keeping you away from the babies too. My only hesitation in this economy would be putting all your family's income "eggs" in one basket. Do you have faith in the soundness of the company? Would you be at risk as the "last in" were there to be layoffs?

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